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Uniquely focused on resolving facilities issues through energy efficient solutions.


If your business operates within a building, then part of your time and budget is spent on maintenance. Bright Green Energy Solutions addresses your most critical facility issues with leading energy efficiency technologies. Your building isn’t just repaired, it’s improved – and your energy spending is substantially reduced.

Poorly performing systems like HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and plumbing not only cost more to operate, they can contribute to lost productivity, damaged equipment, unhappy customers, increased maintenance expense, and even illness.

Our innovative approach to facility issues transforms these aging systems into operating advantages. The resulting utility and maintenance savings roll directly to your bottom line.Don’t just repair – improve and reduce!

Bright Green Energy services


Bright Green Energy Solutions Takes AIM at improving your facilities.

Assess energy efficient solutions


By looking at your building, utility bills, business type, operation, and available rebates, we recommend the most effective solutions to achieve your business goals.

Implement energy efficiency solutions


We manage the implementation through a broad portfolio of local and national solution providers.

manage energy financial incentives and rebates


We manage all utility, state, and federal financial incentives to improve return on your investment. We can also provide lending options that offer near zero out-of-pocket expense.


facility challenges become operating strengths

Challenges Become Strengths

Take facility management to the next level with energy efficient alternatives.

reduce maintenance expense through energy efficiency

Decrease Maintenance Headaches

Targeted improvements can reduce maintenance and extend life on all equipment, not just upgraded systems.

Increase productivity through energy efficiency

Increase Productivity

Improved airflow, elimination of hot and cold spots, reduced glare, and better lighting can boost productivity.

improve cash flow through energy efficiency

Improve Cash Flow

Improved energy efficiency means lower monthly utility costs, which flows directly to your bottom line.

improve property value through energy efficiency

Improve Property Value

Energy efficiency improvements raise the market value of your building without impacting your property taxes.

reduce carbon footprint through energy efficiency

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Allow your maintenance to have a positive impact on the environment.


Almost any commercial or industry facility can benefit from reducing energy costs, and improving building operations.

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